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Product Name: Antioxidant 6PPD (4020)


Product Introduction:

This is a granular form of an antioxidant that is used as a stabilizing agent in synthetic rubber. This substance’s pure form is a white solid, but when exposed to air, it oxidizes and transforms into a dark brown solid. However, the functional properties of this material do not change in this instance.


Product Features:

This substance is soluble in aromatic solvents such as benzene, acetone, and ethyl acetate but is insoluble in water. This material has low toxicity, prevents polymer corrosion, and increases the final polymer’s stability, which is the most important characteristic of the  antioxidant.

Product Applications:

This material is continuously used in the automotive industry as a raw material in the production of vehicle tires and increases the stability of the final product. This material is used continuously in the automotive industry as a raw material in the production of vehicle tires, and it improves the final product’s ability. Due to its exceptional qualities, this product is less prone to environmental factors (such as high temperature). It is also known to prevent rubber from cracking. This material is utilized in the manufacturing of conveyor belts, pneumatic tires, tube, and cables as well


Storage Condition:

Due to this product’s low melting point, all safety precautions must be taken during transportation and storage.


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